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Rehydrate immediately after a night of drinking.

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MoonLyte and SunLyte make up a unique recovery system specially formulated to hydrate you immediately.


The Only Celebration Hydration

We offer unparalleled hydration and recovery that lets you have all the fun you want in a night out without wasting away the next day.

Water isn’t Good Enough.

Right now, most likely you drink water at the end of a night out. But water isn't good enough.

One can of either Moonlyte and Sunlyte rehydrates as much as three bottles of water on top of replenishing all your electrolytes.

That means drinking both is like drinking 6 bottles of water. This immediate hydration will have your body feeling better than it ever has after a celebration.

Water Kills Vibes.
We Don’t.

Why pay five bucks for a bottled water at a club when you can have a product that will actually help you recover immediately? Our Moon and Sun themed can designs keep the energy going without being a mood killer like a bottled water.

The Night of

You shouldn’t wait and let your body dehydrate all night while you're asleep. That's why starting with a Moonlyte at the end of the night will kick off your recovery and never let the dehydration set in.

The Morning after

Finish off the hydration with a Sunlyte first thing in the morning. The crisp taste will help you wake up while providing unparalleled recovery.

Our one of a kind two-part recovery will help you feel better, and do more after a night of celebrating.

Customer Reviews

Kelly D.

The taste is good, but like, it actually worked?!

Jonathon, Bar Owner

Saturday was awesome! I had more new customers than regulars. They loved the product. The bottle customers I know were all about it when I told them it was basically and IV in a bottle that tasted good.


I should've grabbed a peach to do the full system, but woke up feeling like 75% after having a MoonLyte after being out all night. This bumped my day up to like an 8.5/10. Please add me to your mailers, would love to keep up to date with the product.

Ralph C.

You have a great product. I went out for a few drinks last night. I had your beverage after and I feel great this morning! Where can I purchase a few for the random occasions? Lol

Anthony S.

Def love your product, I don’t feel half as bad today after going out last night and I gotta run it back tn I like the product taste and I feel pretty good today despite 4 hrs of sleep haha

James C.

No joke I had a mild headache when I woke, I thought it’d get worse throughout the day but feelings loads better after the MoonLyte!

Hilario, Club Bouncer

I gave one of your drinks to a girl who was super intoxicated, looked like she was going to puke. She felt better instantly after drinking one. I checked out the ingredients, it’s good stuff.

Melissa L.

I had your drinks this weekend and went to Woodys!! Very impressed with both lol

Ashley K.

5/5 stars, I love the lightweight taste, day and night system. I partied into the night I felt a lot better the next day compared to usual.

Matt M.

That DRINK! I slept only 5h today and felt awesome after that! Was that your drink or just a placebo?

Ariel K.

Favorite thing about the drinks? NO HANGOVER!