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What is DrinkLyte?

DrinkLyte is a two-part recovery and rehydration system targeted for the 21+crowd. Its two products make up a post-alcohol wellness and rehydration regimen: drink MoonLyte after a night of drinking alcohol (but before you go to sleep), and SunLyte first thing the next morning.

They are designed to remind everyone to properly rehydrate after drinking. Our goal is to eliminate the problems caused by alcohol-induced dehydration and have people feel a lot better and be a lot healthier even with the consumption of alcohol.

What is DrinkLyte used for?

DrinkLyte is used to help your body recover from alcohol-induced dehydration so you can feel better the next day. MoonLyte and SunLyte are oral rehydration solutions that rehydrate you immediately, just like an IV. They do not contain any chemicals or additives like caffeine or melatonin, so you can take either one at any time of day - whichever one you prefer.

What is an “ORS”?

An ORS is the acronym for “Oral Rehydration Solution,” a specific formula that combines water, sugar, electrolytes in a very specific ratio. ORSs rehydrate you immediately, so that you can feel better more quickly. This formula was created in the 1960s for use in the medical field to cure mild to severe dehydration in places where IVs were cost-prohibitive. DrinkLyte follows the World Health Organization’s specifications of an ORS, with the addition of all-natural colors and flavors to enhance the taste.

How Does DrinkLyte Work?

DrinkLyte’s formula allows water and electrolytes to pass directly into your cells, just like an IV would. This is not only healthy for your body, but it also will very quickly rehydrate in comparison with just drinking regular water. This more effective and immediate rehydration is instrumental in helping with a lot of the alcohol-induced dehydration symptoms we feel: headache, nausea, fatigue, and dry mouth.

Can DrinkLyte be used as an alcohol mixer or chaser?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee it will have the same effect as if used on its own. Oral rehydration solutions are powerful because they follow an optimal ratio. When you change the ratio they are less effective. We suggest that if you do choose to mix or chase with DrinkLyte, to still end your night with MoonLyte and start the next day with SunLyte, to make sure you are properly rehydrated.

Can I have DrinkLyte before, or while I drink alcohol?

Yes, but we highly recommend following the DrinkLyte system for optimal effectiveness: drink MoonLyte at the end of your night, and SunLyte first thing the next morning.

Will DrinkLyte sober me up?

There is no evidence that rehydrating with DrinkLyte will help you ‘sober up.’ Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

Can I drink DrinkLyte even if I’m not drinking alcohol?

DrinkLyte is simply an electrolyte beverage that can be enjoyed anytime. The reason that we promote it so heavily in relation to post-alcohol is that this is often a time people forget to properly rehydrate.

Is DrinkLyte FDA approved?

DrinkLyte is manufactured in FDA approved facilities and uses GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA) ingredients that comply with all regulations for Food and Beverage products. DrinkLyte does not make any claims and is not a supplement.

Where is DrinkLyte made?

DrinkLyte was formulated and originally manufactured right here in Los Angeles, California. We also have manufacturing partners in Utah and other parts of the U.S.

Is DrinkLyte a supplement?

No, DrinkLyte is a beverage product.

Will DrinkLyte cure my hangover?

As a beverage and not a supplement, we make no claims that DrinkLyte can cure your hangover. That being said a lot of symptoms many people associate with hangovers are actually symptoms of dehydration. DrinkLyte can help you rehydrate optimally so you don’t feel the effects of alcohol-induced dehydration, which in turn will make many people feel better the day after drinking.

How do Hangovers work?

To put it simply hangovers happen because 1) alcohol is difficult for our bodies to process and 2) alcohol dehydrates us. DrinkLyte doesn’t claim to help with the former, but it can help with the dehydration. What’s really nice about this is for many people most of the hangover symptoms are simply due to dehydration and not due to other factors. So if you can properly rehydrate, for many people, that will lead to a lot better outcome in terms of how we feel the day after drinking.

What are the symptoms of a hangover?

Fatigue and weakness. Excessive thirst and dry mouth.

Headaches and muscle aches.

Nausea, vomiting or stomach pain.

Poor or decreased sleep.

You see how these symptoms overlap a lot with the traditional symptoms of dehydration. This is because a lot of the negative things we feel the day after drinking are caused simply from the dehydration from the alcohol.

Fix the dehydration = fix the way you feel.

What is the Party-At-Home Subscription?

The Party-At-Home Subscription is our way of bringing DrinkLyte to you in the most convenient, cool, and affordable way.

This new way to DrinkLyte is with Drink Mixes. So instead of a can, you would take a drink mix and mix it with 12 oz of water. 

Step 1: Choose your subscription

Step 2: Receive your drink mixes in the mail.

Step 3: Drink, Rehydrate, and Recover.

What comes in the subscription?

Depending on the subscription type you choose, you will either get one four-pack, two four-packs, or four four-packs of drink mixes for the month.

All four-packs of drink mixes come with two MoonLyte mixes and two SunLyte mixes. So each four-pack prepares you for two nights of drinking/partying.

How do I sign up for a subscription?

To start your Party-At-Home Subscription, go to There, you can choose the subscription option that works best for you and the way you drink.

How many months is the subscription?

The subscription is month to month and you can cancel anytime.

How can I cancel or change my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, go to ‘my account’ page and click on ‘manage subscription.’ There you will be taken to our third-party subscription-manager where you will be able to adjust or cancel your subscription.

How can I change the address for my subscription?

To edit your subscription settings like shipping address, go to ‘my account’ page and click on ‘manage subscription.’ There you will be taken to our third-party subscription-manager where you will be able to make changes.

When will I get my subscription?

Your Party-At-Home Pack should arrive to you within 5 business days after your payment is processed. Future Party-At-Home Packs should arrive to you either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly after your first delivery, depending on the option you chose.

I haven’t received my subscription when I expected it to. What should I do?

If you have not received your Party-At-Home Pack when you expected please email us at with your name, email associated with the account, and the day you expected to receive the pack.

Please wait until there is a delay of at least 3 business days after you expected before contacting us.

The drink mixes in my Party-at-Home Pack were damaged. What should I do?

If your drink mixes were damaged during shipping. Please take a photo and send it to along with your name and email associated with your account.

We will promptly send you a new pack as soon as we receive this information.

Can I subscribe if I’m outside of the US?

Currently, we are only servicing the United States but plan to expand our reach as we grow!

Where can I buy the DrinkLyte Cans?

The DrinkLyte cans are not available for sale on the website. If you would like the cans, please enter either the venue name or store you’d like to see us available into the form on this page:

During the pandemic, we are working to be stocked in more stores in preparation for a nationwide launch of the cans when things return to normal.

What is the difference between the DrinkLyte cans and the DrinkLyte Powder Mix?

Both the drink mix and the cans are very similar. Some adjustments have been made to optimize them for their specific packaging but as far as efficacy goes, they are essentially identical.

Are the DrinkLyte cans bubbly?

Nope! Despite being a canned product, DrinkLyte is a still beverage, not carbonated. We made it this way because it was intended to be drunk quickly, as it is a functional beverage.

How do I use the DrinkLyte Powder Mix?

To use the DrinkLyte mixes simply open the pouch and mix thoroughly with 12 oz of water. The water can be either cold or room temperature, depending on your preference.

How much water do I need to use with the DrinkLyte powder mix?

To achieve the optimal ratio we recommend mixing with 12 oz of water. 12 oz of water is typically a tall glass. If you have a 16oz water bottle, take 1-2 sips of it to make it 12 oz before mixing in the DrinkLyte powder mix.

If you would like, you can mix with up to 16 oz of water (a full water bottle) but the ratio is slightly less optimal in this format.

Where can I buy DrinkLyte?

DrinkLyte is available via subscription for our drink mixes. If you would like DrinkLyte in a can, please submit the location that you would like to see us at on our website ( and we will do our best to be stocked there once the world turns back to normal.

Is DrinkLyte Vegan friendly?


Is DrinkLyte Gluten-free?

Yes. DrinkLyte beverages do not contain any gluten-containing ingredients.

Does DrinkLyte have caffeine or melatonin?

No. You can enjoy a MoonLyte or SunLyte at any time of day.

Does DrinkLyte have alcohol?

No. But DrinkLyte is a great addition to your alcohol cabinet, as it is intended to be taken after alcohol is consumed.

What are the ingredients and nutrition information of MoonLyte and SunLyte?

Designed by a UC Berkeley Nutritionist, DrinkLyte ingredients are curated very carefully to be effective, taste great, and easy to drink. Here’s a breakdown:

Ingredients (MoonLyte):

Water - required for an ORS to work

Dextrose - allows electrolytes to pass through intestine quickly

Citric acid - taste and pH

Sodium Citrate - electrolyte

Salt - electrolyte

Gum Acacia - helps bring electrolytes through the intestinal wall

Natural flavor - flavor

Potassium Chloride - electrolyte

Stevia - sweetness

Zinc gluconate - helps the body absorb fluids

Beta Carotene - color

Why does DrinkLyte have 6 grams of sugar?

Sugar is a functional ingredient required for an ORS to work properly, it is not there for taste. What it does is activate a system in your intestines called the glucose-transport pump. Glucose (sugar) activates this pump and allows electrolytes to flow quickly from the intestine to the rest of your body. It’s key to the effectiveness of the drink. We use the minimum amount of sugar to be considered an ORS, and use stevia to make our drinks taste sweeter, making DrinkLyte one of the lightest ORSs on the market with only 30 calories.

Why does DrinkLyte have so much salt?

Salt is a key component of an ORS - it is one of the most important electrolytes that helps you rehydrate immediately. We have added the optimal amount of salt for DrinkLyte to be the most effective rehydration formula out there.

Is DrinkLyte better than an IV?

DrinkLyte is comparable to an IV drip to help you rehydrate immediately. Don’t believe us? Read the science here.

Is DrinkLyte better than water?

DrinkLyte is more hydrating than water. Because of its specific ratio of water, sugar, to electrolytes, DrinkLyte beverages allow you to absorb key electrolytes immediately, whereas water alone can take hours to absorb. If you’re drinking alcohol, your electrolytes are likely to be depleted by dehydration so you need them to recover and avoid some of the nasty symptoms of dehydration.