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Dehydrated After Drinking? This Simple Solution is a Game-Changer

75 Percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated on any given day. Imagine already being dehydrated, and then going out for a night of drinking. Who needs water when they have booze, right? Wrong. This is only adding to the problem, and being severely dehydrated is not only extremely dangerous but can have negative effects on your skin health, hair health, fitness performance and overall health. We’ve all had the same hangover symptoms: nausea, headache, dry mouth, even fatigue. If we thought about the symptoms of dehydration, our list would come out looking just about identical to these symptoms. One very simple yet effective solution to all of this: ORS.

What is ORS and why is it so important?

In the 1960s, research institutions developed a solution that would aid in dehydration and was later renamed by the World Health Organization as “Oral Rehydration Salts.” ORS was created to provide a more cost-efficient, alternative solution to IV drips. This mixture is vital to our health because we need electrolytes in our body to function, and even more when we’re dehydrated from drinking alcohol. 

The Importance of Salt and Sugar in ORS 

For those hesitant to drink ORS solution for the fact that they're cutting sugar or salt from their diet, it's better for you than you think. It turns out that with the help of glucose and sodium, our body starts absorbing water and electrolytes almost instantly, compared to regular water alone. Drinking ORS solution allows the intestines to absorb the fluids. The essential salts help your body to balance fluid in the blood and the sugar helps absorb electrolytes. These are all key factors in making an effective solution to aid symptoms and maintain electrolyte balance. Not to mention, if you want that healthy glow inside and out, hydration is key. 

With the rehydration brands that we have on the market these days, there are endless products to choose from. Saying this, not all of these options will benefit you equally. For example, Sports drinks like Gatorade may have some electrolytes, but they are not an ORS and typically have too much sugar to be effective (in fact, too much sugar can make things worse).


Not All ORS's are Equal

Other ORS/Electrolyte alternatives may be healthy, but can be costly and contain vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and other ingredients that disrupt the electrolytes while they work to rehydrate us. The only brand on the market that is both cost-efficient and contains only the necessary electrolyte ingredients, while following the same formula as WHO is Drinklyte (duh). Although ORS drinks are incredibly effective in aiding your hydration, it’s not a cure by itself. We still need to consume our recommended amounts of water daily. Being dehydrated can be very damaging to our body, and only gets worse when we’ve been consuming alcohol. If water isn’t enough and electrolytes are still unbalanced, an ORS electrolyte solution is the way to go. Drinklyte's ORS solution is promoted  as rehydration after a night of drinking, so it not only boosts hydration and restores balance, but it will help relieve hangover symptoms by simply rehydrating your body.

Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"