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Drinklyte: The ‘Two-step’ Solution’ to all Your Hangover Problems

Anyone who has ever experienced a hangover has most likely tried to find a hangover cure that works for them. Maybe the ‘hair of the dog’ or pain killers and water myth, a sports drink recovery such as Gatorade, or the ever-so-popular, Pedialyte. There are endless choices on the market. Last year in 2020, the hangover industry was valued at 1.44 billion dollars and it is expected to double in the next five years. Regardless of how hangover cures are portrayed, they’re not always quite as helpful as people think. Society has set a high standard for some of these alternatives. Luckily, Drinklyte solves all of your hangover needs-big and small. 

An ORS Formulated by WHO

The most important factor in Drinklyte’s formula is the electrolytes that come from the ORS. ORS is the oral rehydration solution containing electrolytes that were created to help those with severe dehydration. Drinklyte helps to safely rehydrate the body and focuses on replenishing lost electrolytes after a night of drinking. It is the only company to create its formula backed by the World Health Organization and is just as effective as an IV.

Only the Essentials

Other companies such as Liquid IV, Hydrant, and even Cheers Health want to give consumers the all-in-one type of product when it comes to hydration. Vitamins, caffeine, and even supplements are making their way into hydration products, supporting our body’s daily function, but when it comes to drinking and dehydration, it may not be the best option. While these options are exceptional for our health, it may be the wrong time to take them. Consuming a replenishing hydration product with added caffeine or vitamins will slow down your recovery time compared to if you didn’t have added ingredients. Drinklyte adds only the essentials, sticking to real ingredients: water, natural flavors and sweeteners, and our blend of electrolytes. Drinklyte is also very diet-friendly and safe for those who are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. 

Two-Step Process

Unlike many of its competitors, Drinklyte is a two-step solution to your hangover problems. No consumer wants to face the problem of being hungover and the rehydration product they bought isn’t strong enough to handle the symptoms. Thankfully, Drinklyte developed a two-step process so that no one has to wait until morning to begin rehydrating and replenishing your lost electrolytes. Before you go to bed, get ahead of the rehydration process with Moonlyte and when waking in the morning, rehydrate again with Sunlyte. With this proven method taken together, nothing can stop you from being your best self the next day. 

Drinklyte is a product that is unique in many different ways. Our product is designed in the hopes of preventing or helping others feel better after one too many, but our main goal is the health of our consumers. Drinking alcohol is dehydrating at the very least. Drinklyte is stepping up the hydration game in the hangover cure industry, so whether you have one (or even ten) drink(s), Drinklyte is there to rehydrate and replenish those electrolytes, keeping you on your game.

Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"