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Drinklyte Tops Recovery for any Hydration Need

We’ve been told how crucial it is to stay hydrated while drinking alcohol—but staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking water. When we consume alcohol, our hydration levels decrease which affects our electrolytes. So, the more alcohol we drink, the harder our system has to work to recover and replenish those electrolytes to keep our body working properly.

Electrolytes are lost everyday—primarily from urine and sweating—but without them, our body feels the difference since they’re essential for us to function. With the proper balance of electrolytes, our blood has certain minerals that help regulate and control the balance of fluids in the body. These minerals also play a role in regulating our blood pressure and muscle contraction. Other benefits from electrolytes are to:

  • Balance the amount of water in your body
  • Balance your body's acid or base (pH) level
  • Move nutrients into your cells
  • Move wastes out of your cells
  • Make sure that your nerves, muscles, the heart, and the brain maintain their function.

Although knowing how to maintain a functional balance of electrolytes in our system is important, it’s also important to know the signs of an electrolyte imbalance. When we have an electrolyte imbalance in our body, this highly increases our chances of suffering from dehydration. In other words, our fluid levels are off-balance. Symptoms of dehydration include headache, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth or thirst, and infrequent urination and sweating. 

While not all electrolytes serve to rehydrate the body, there is one combination of electrolytes that has proved itself different over the last several decades. Oral rehydration solution (ORS) contains glucose sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and sodium citrate (sugar and salt). A lesser known rehydration therapy on the market, Drinklyte, is the only company to follow the same protocols as the World Health Organization. By following the organization’s medical guidelines to aid those experiencing chronic dehydration, Drinklyte was able to provide an all-natural, IV-effective, flavorsome solution that is suitable for anyone, regardless of drinking alcohol or not. 

Drinklyte was originally created for those who experience hangovers—even after one drink. This allows consumers to be able to enjoy the aspect of drinking without the dreaded hangovers. The two-step formula, using several electrolytes, rehydrates the body immediately so that it can recover quicker than if we were to drink water alone. Not only is it lightning-fast, but it also tastes amazing. Using ingredients such as beta carotene and fruit and vegetable juices, the flavors are far unlike other competitors out there. Beside its taste, Drinklyte is gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and only 30 calories per serving. Companies such as DripDrop also market their products being made with ORS. However, Drinklyte still comes out on top in many aspects. DripDrop is made primarily of natural sugars in their products, but it also contains sucralose. Besides its share of controversy, sucralose can cause adverse effects. In addition, DripDrop adds vitamins and supplements into their formula which is beneficial for the immunity aspect, but is not quite effective for rehydration and recovery. Drinklyte doesn’t add caffeine, vitamins, supplements, or any other additives into its formula for one purpose: to rehydrate our consumers as fast and as effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on lightning-fast recovery because we don’t add any other ingredients that may get in the way of the electrolytes from doing its job.

DripDrop and Drinklyte are both convenient, selling powder in packets that can be mixed with water and consumed. However, in addition to the premixed packets, Drinklyte has a canned version that is perfect for a night out in venues and clubs. The cans offer an alternative for non-drinkers as well as for those drinking to quickly grab and consume at the end of their night—waking up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to do it all again. 


Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"