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More Vendors are Experiencing Wedding Hangovers-Here's Why

Summertime is the season for attending family vacations, catching up with friends, and coming together for celebratory occasions. Weddings specifically are the most popular event during the summer months, with 31% of couples marrying during the season. As joyous as these events are for the couple and guests attending, those putting the dream wedding together are putting blood, sweat, and tears into creating the perfect day. Don’t get me wrong, wedding planners pride themselves on their works of art and the relationships they build with their clients. They also always ensure that everything is perfect for the big day, no matter what it takes.


What is a “Wedding Hangover”?

We all know what a hangover is, and most of us have had our fair share of first-hand experiences. (We can thank many of these hangovers for the celebrations and for going a little too hard.) However, most don’t know that event planners also experience wedding ‘hangovers’. No, wedding planners aren’t chugging straight out of the bottle behind the minibar (that we know of). They are experiencing a hangover of (mental and physical) exhaustion, dehydration, body aches and pains, and headaches. On the day of the event, vendors are running around on their feet for 12+ hours while ignoring their own bodies’ needs. Event Planner Elisa shared on her blog that during these times, vendors forget to drink water; eat enough during dinner; treat their cuts, sunburns, and sprained ankles for hours; and even use the restroom all night. While all of this may sound somewhat extreme, working in a non-stop industry where the main priority is to be attentive to your clients and their needs can make complete sense. When we love our jobs and the people we're providing services for, occasionally we can forget to be aware of our own self-care. 


The Difficulty of Avoiding Hangover Symptoms

Although it is important to take care of the client and all of their needs, it is important to take care of the wedding planners and other vendors too. If they aren’t feeling 100%—especially the day of the wedding—it makes it much more difficult to give the clients the day that they deserve and can increase the chance of something going wrong. Wedding Planner Angela claims, “It’s really hard to combat the post-event hangover, it doesn’t matter how much water you drink, how many nutritious snacks you nibble on throughout the 14 hour day (or more), how many extra staff you have to assist, or the size of the event itself.” Therefore, event planners and vendors seem to get hit by the same effects that we feel when hungover from alcohol.


A Solution for All Hangovers (Drinking or Not)

Luckily, there’s a solution to keep those hungover feelings in check for the next day. DrinkLyte was originally marketed to relieve hangover symptoms for those who drink alcohol. DrinkLyte’s formula is so effective because it contains Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), which was designed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to help those suffering from chronic dehydration. Symptoms that we suffer from when dehydrated (alcohol or not) can cause headaches, thirst, fatigue, nausea, and more. Founder of Bluebell Events Charley Izabella King used Drinklyte after a wedding event, hoping to prevent the usual “wedding hangovers.” She recounted, “I took one at night and one in the morning, and I recovered so much quicker! I think it really works for our wedding hangovers!” Regardless of drinking or not, DrinkLyte is scientifically proven to rehydrate and recover the body when needed. It is just as important for event planners to rehydrate as it is for the clients enjoying the celebratory occasion.


Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"