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Why Water Alone Isn't Enough for Your Hangover Recovery

We’ve all come home from a night out drinking, some more trashed than others. Feeling tired and thirsty, there’s only one thing left to do: the classic pre-hangover routine of popping a couple of ibuprofen and drinking a few glasses of water. After 'rehydrating' our body from drinking one too many, we can go to bed in confidence. As the morning light hits, our body awakens with head throbbing and immediate regret. Then comes the nausea and realizing our mouth's as dry as the desert. We’ve all heard the myths about drinking water before, after, and in between drinks to prevent a hangover. How can we still be having a hangover if we drank water all night and right before bed? Unfortunately, curing a hangover just isn’t that simple. For some, they may have been lucky so far and have gotten away with this trick, but researchers have shown that for most people, water just isn’t enough.

Why am I still dehydrated after drinking water?

What people often fail to see is that attempting to rehydrate with only water while having alcohol in our system doesn’t satisfy the levels of rehydration that our body needs. Alcohol not only decreases our fluid levels, but we are flushing both our kidney and liver of sodium and other important electrolytes that are necessary to keep us healthy. This is not to say that it doesn’t play a huge part in the process of rehydration for us, but just because we don’t feel dehydrated, doesn’t mean that we’re not. Our body is made up of 60% water, therefore we rely on the charged minerals in electrolytes to determine how much water our body is retaining and how much we are losing through sweat and urine. Electrolytes move nutrients into our cells while removing waste out of our cells (such as alcohol) all while supporting the proper function of our nerves, heart, muscles, and brain. It’s important to keep the right electrolytes in our body, otherwise, an imbalance can cause symptoms including nausea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, blood clotting, and more. 

Out with the Old, In with the Electrolytes

When we become dehydrated from certain factors such as drinking alcohol, we lose those electrolytes. If that’s not bad enough, drinks that contain sugary or caffeinated additives will only aggravate the problem further. Water alone won’t rehydrate us quickly enough, especially when there’s alcohol in our system. So the question is, how are we supposed to replenish our system? This is where electrolytes come in. Between several chemical compounds, it comes down to a simple solution: sugar, salt, and water. With these three components working together in a tight ratio, it helps us absorb water more easily in order to rehydrate our body quicker.

The Perfect Hangover Solution

Next time chugging a gallon of water to prevent a hangover sounds smart,  just remember that it only goes so far as to help. After drinking alcohol, the best way to properly rehydrate is to use a product that will not only rehydrate but replenish any electrolytes that have been lost. Drinklyte is the perfect electrolyte Hydration mix to use for any kind of hangover. Our formula (inspired by the World Health Organization’s cure for dehydration) focuses on replacing those lost electrolytes so that we can rehydrate our body’s. Instead of curing a hangover that’s already there, we aim to prevent or at least ease the symptoms that come along with hangovers. Using only the necessary, all-natural ingredients to rehydrate, it’s the perfect way to replenish the lost electrolytes and still have a great time out with friends enjoying a social life.

Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"