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Wine Subscriptions You're Missing out On


What seems like only a few years ago, consumers would buy their alcohol from grocery or liquor stores. Now, it appears subscription services (more than some would like to admit) have changed our everyday lives, broadened our educational horizons, or just flat out emptied our bank accounts. The good news is that these subscriptions can account for every hobby, indulgence, or miscellaneous activity. Whether it’s grocery shopping, meal deliveries, or non-essential necessities through the endless pandemic, just about everyone has proved that joining a subscription makes their life a bit easier.


There are many circumstances where buying an entire bottle of wine seems excessive. The first time trying a bottle often leaves a feeling of uncertainty due to the price, occasion, variety, or uneducated on the broadness of the topic. If you want to have no doubts about your next wine purchase, here are a few credible wine subscriptions to try out next time:


Winc. Wine Club: (Budget-Friendly)

If a $200 per month wine subscription isn’t quite in your budget, then Winc. offers the perfect solution. The website begins with a quick quiz to personalize your flavor profile. It includes questions about your taste preferences, such as sweet or sour, red or white, and even the compatibility based on foods you like. After personalizing your wine list, they ship the bottles directly to your home. You can try them out and rate the wine, customizing your profile as you go. There is also an option to add individual bottles for those who can't get enough. Join now to get the discounted price of four bottles for $29.95 for a limited time.


The Sip Society: (Sparkling Wine)

Those looking for a more 'bubbly' subscription, then this female, black-owned business might be the perfect one for you. With prices starting at $55, they deliver three mini bottles of sparkling wine straight to your door every other month, allowing you to try them at a more reasonable price first. The Sip Society gives back to its community with each box as well. Some varieties are common, while others are hard to find, giving members exclusive access to try the wines first. Each month you are a member, you can earn a $10 credit towards a full-size bottle to splurge on, as well.


Primal Wine: (Natural Wines)

With the health foods market rising in sales, natural wines are right behind them, Primal being at the top of the list. The company is known for having one of the widest online selections of natural wines. It's not just natural but contains low to no sulfites compared to other brands. You have the option to purchase one bottle at a time or join their subscription that offers 3, 6, or 12 bottles (starting at $85 per month for 3 bottles). Although more pricey than the previously listed wine subscriptions, it allows for more options. For instance, you can choose the regions, varieties, and value of wines to buy from. These choices also include biodynamic (organic) and even vegan wine, which has become widely popular in the last few years. 


Wine Society: (Canned Wines)

Since the beginning of the pandemic, canned wine sales have risen to 232% and will continue to grow. With its numbers skyrocketing, why not have a canned subscription? Wine Society is one of those simple companies that keeps you wanting more. They offer three classic blends: red, white, and rosé. In addition, each quarterly shipment is $39.20 for three cans. Although it might sound expensive for only three cans, each one holds 500mL (⅔ of a wine bottle) of wine. Thus, you’ll be getting four glasses of wine out of each can.



Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"