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7 Adult Summer Activities You Don't Want to Miss

As we creep into August, it feels as though summer just started. With time flying by, kids going back to school, and more people on the road, adults deserve a last fling of irresponsible fun with a drink in hand. Whether you’re looking to do something wild or just kick back and relax, this list of activities has it all.

Sky Top at Adero: Scottsdale, AZ

This is one of the best outdoor patio bars to go to if you’re in Arizona. Sky Top has a modern cocktail vibe with cozy chairs and couches to relax with a few drinks. Enjoy your drinks while taking in the amazing view of the mountains. The sunset and view of the stars at sundown is the cherry on top of this amazing location.

Napa Valley: Napa Valley, CA

We can’t put adult drinking vacations without the well-known wine county on the list—it just wouldn’t be right. Having over 400 wineries, Napa is known for its world-class wines. But did you know that only 4% of California's wine actually comes from Napa? On the upside, there are endless things to do such as hiking and tours. And if you get a little “wine-d” out, there are brewers and distillers to go to as well. 

Club Getaway: Kent, CT

There is a camp for adults looking to rev up a little more. But this isn’t just an ordinary camp. Club Getaway truly has something for everyone: sports enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, fitness fanatics, socialites, and party animals. Oh, and did I mention you can drink the entire time?

Whitewater Rafting & Beer: Wenatchee, WA

Beer tasting, dinner, and camping after a long day of whitewater rafting. If this doesn’t sound like a good way to get out of reality, then I don’t know what does. The Rafting takes place on the Wenatchee River, hitting “some of the biggest waves in Washington.” After completing to travel through the river portion, the next three hours are packed with brewery tours of some of the best Central Washington has to offer.

Booze Cruise: Multiple Cities

For those who need a getaway but can’t travel far, booze cruises are your next best option. Renting out your own island party hut, waterslide, or floating tiki bar cruise in Chicago will make you feel like your on a tropical island for the next few hours. While sipping on Mai-Tais and listening to Caribbean music, you can have a stress-free vacation. If you’re feeling more social, Hornblower’s Summer Sunset Cocktail Cruise in Marina Del Rey will have you relaxing, listening to music, chatting with new friends, and drinking everything from PBR’s to fancy cocktails.

All-star Wine, Beer, and Cocktail Festival: Multiple Cities 

Many will agree that one of the highlights of going to a ballpark is the food and alcohol. This festival has unlimited samples, offering more than 200 types of beer, wine, and cocktails. Live music, games, giveaways, and 2 free tickets to the Pirates game is also included. Be sure to get tickets soon as the only two festivals in Pennsylvania are September 18 and October 16 (the other three Cities have been rescheduled). 

Galley Beach: Nantucket, MA

For those who don’t want a booze cruise or whitewater rafting, then you might like this low-key date night instead. Galley Beach lets you indulge in luxurious food and cocktails while dining right on the beach with your toes in the sand. Afterward, you can sit at their outdoor night lounge next to the fire pits to enjoy a few more cocktails. They get booked up fast and only take reservations a minimum of 14 days in advance by phone or in person, so you better plan ahead if you want to partake in this grand experience.


Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"