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Safe Drinking on Halloween: What to Look Out For


From kids in crazy costumes getting hyped up on pillowcases of candy to adults indulging in cocktails, Halloween is a holiday to celebrate traditions at any age. With the pandemic having suspended all festivities last year, Halloween is coming back in full force, encouraging alcohol drinkers to step it up a notch.

According to one study, Halloween is ranked number five out of all holidays for the amount of consumed alcohol. College students are a majority of the portion among these statistics, reporting consumption of an average of 6.3 alcoholic beverages. This amount is 1.4 times more than they would consume on a regular weekend night. However, due to higher consumption of alcohol than usual, the chances of drunk driving accidents increase dramatically. Federal traffic data report that 50% of fatal motor vehicle accidents involve alcohol-impaired drivers.

So, before getting carried away with the Halloween fun, keep some of these tips in mind to ensure a safe experience.

Providing Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Having adult beverages at a party is always a perk, but they shouldn’t be the only option. Not everyone partakes in consuming alcohol, such as those allocated to be the designated driver. For convenience and safety, be sure to stock up on bottled water so that everyone can stay hydrated in between drinks. An alternative to water is Drinklyte, which is the perfect go-to hydration solution. This option is for those who do decide to drink so they can rehydrate right away.

Know Your Limits/Designated Driver

Halloween is the day to be resourceful by keeping track of one’s intake and knowing one’s limits. On Halloween, 9.3% of men and 6.6% of women have blacked out from drinking. People tend to get carried away in the moment, and the next thing they know, it’s too late. Make sure to alternate with water in between each drink as well. If there is any chance of drinking involved, find a designated driver or call an Uber. Don’t be another statistic.

Never Set Your Drink Down

Knowing one’s limits is one thing, but smart drinking is a whole different level. One of the safety precautions is never to set one's drink down or let it out of sight. Drinks can easily be drugged since the substance is typically colorless and flavorless. A study surveyed from a total of 6,064 students from 3 universities discovered that more than 7.8% reported having been drugged at some point in the last few years, while 1.4% had admitted to drugging someone else. It may be easy to set a drink down, but it’s even easier to take advantage of someone by slipping drugs into a drink.

Look After Your Friends

Although everyone has to look out for their well-being, they should also be looking out for their friends. There is nothing better than a good party and throwing back a few drinks, but be aware of your surroundings at the same time. When alcohol becomes involved at any level, everything changes—DUI’s, pedestrian deaths (from impaired drivers), date rape, blackouts, and alcohol poisoning all become a possibility. While we might feel under control, our friends may have different limits. 

Halloween is a holiday for any age and should be celebrated in any capacity. Even though COVID is looking better than it was around this time last year, it’s still important to take CDC precautions. For instance, practice social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing throughout the evening. Safety precautions can be taken and still make a memorable Halloween. 



Author :  Jennifer Dutton, Blog Writer, DrinkLyte Co. "Helping Grow CPG Brands Beyond Their Potential"